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CRM and business management systems

If you want to increase your company's efficiency, simplify management of projects and clients, you need CRM system.

Companies, who want to implement CRM systems, often face the same problem - they have to adjust their workflow according to the limitations of existing software solutions. Therefore business management system system becomes inefficient - extra work and inconvenience it causes outweighs the advantages it provides.

That's why we offer bespoke CRM systems. Our systems are created individually according to your needs, so you don't need to adjust to software. We will create a system corresponding to existing work practices at your company.

CRM functions:

  • Assets management
  • Personnel management
  • Storage of documents
  • Projects and tasks management
  • Information about customers, contact persons
  • Control of manufacturing process and cost analysis
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Integration with e-commerce systems

Our CRM systems are web based, so you can work from any location and use any device with an internet connection.

Need a CRM system? - please contact us for a personal offer.

Work examples